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Are you looking to open an online shop or perhaps you are searching for tips on how to boost your sales? You can find many helpful videos here from basics to advanced to support you in your everyday business as an online Shop owner.

Shop set up
Run your shop
Tips for advanced users

5 tips for getting started with your online shop

5 tips

Length: 2:12

Getting started in ecommerce? Five things you should consider before getting started with your online shop. Watch the video and find out more!

Thinking about delivery


Length: 2:54

Its time to start thinking about Delivery and this means more than just the methods you choose to ship your products. Watch the video to find out more!


Before getting started

Getting started

Length: 20:40 

Save time! Watch this webinar to make sure you have everything you need to start building your online shop the right way on the first try!

Introduction to the ePages software Part 1

Shop Administration

Length: 11:12 

In this webinar you can discover how to configure your online shop from scratch.


Introduction to the ePages software Part 2

Shop Administration

Length: 22:17 

We review the shop essentials and give you tips and examples to get inspired and get your shop ready in no time.

Create a category and product Part 1

category and product

Length: 25:34

Here you can learn the basics for a good category structure.


Create a category and product Part 2

category and product

Length: 20:04 

In this video you will get to know the basics about products.   


Design for beginners Part 1


Length: 16:21 

In this video, discover how you can easily customise your template and content with ePages. 

Design for beginners Part 2


Length : 23:21

Find out how the different editors work.


Mastering your About us page

About us

Length: 1:18 

Master your website's About Us page. Learn why it's so important and what yours should include.

Product Pictures


Length: 3:11

This video ist about how to make good looking and professional product pictures, without spending a lot of money.


Going live with your online shop

Going live

Length: 1:16

You are nearly ready to go live with your online shop. But before you go live you need to do a few final things - Find out here!

The order process and payment Part 1

Order process

Length: 10:54

Get to know the checkout process from the view of a customer.


The order process and payment Part 2

Order process

Length: 18:19

Learn the different delivery methods.

The order process and payment Part 3

Order process

Length: 14:17 

In this video you get to know the different payment methods.


Content Marketing


Length: 2:46 

What is Content Marketing? What are the advantages and how do you get started? Find it out in this video.

Tips for selling at Christmas


Length: 3:58

Christmas is coming. These 5 tips will help you, to get the most out of this busy time of the year.


Customer Reviews for your Online Shop and how to deal with negative ones

customer review

Length: 2:52

Learn what customer reviews are, how they can be very beneficial for your online shop and how to positively overcome a negative review.


Search engine optimisation for your online shop Part 1


Length: 5:57

Get to know the basic terms about SEO. 

Search engine optimisation for your online shop Part 2


Length: 31:45

Learn how to use the SEO Cockpit


We are busy producing videos for this section. Soon you will find videos here on how to grow your online shop!